Everything you need to know about BBC America’s “Orphan Black”: synopsis + character guide

How come you’re not hooked on „Orphan Black” yet?

BBC America’s newest show “Orphan Black” is certainly making headlines these days – as it should.

It’s got everything – from romance to action, to supernatural elements and hot bods (Dylan Bruce, you know I am talking about you, right?), so surely it’s not a thing that you’d like to miss out on.

But if you are indeed not familiar with the show, it’s basically Tatiana Maslany playing a bunch of different characters (yes) and fighting for her life each step of the way.

 (And while on the subject of Tatiana Maslany, let me just say this –  if  she hasn’t acquired a multiple personality disorder by now, I am profoundly impressed.)

However, if you know the show but have missed a bunch of episodes (like my mother, for example) or have read about it somewhere but never gave it a try, here’s a brief re-tell of what’s been going on so far (also, the show is currently on hiatus so you can just Netflix the shit out of it and binge watch it in two days or so)

So, it all starts with Sarah (who is portrayed by the previously mentioned Tatiana Maslany), who accidentally see’s her clone (Beth) killing herself and instead of going on with her life, takes Beth’s place.

Soon enough, she discovers that Beth wasn’t the only clone in the club (pun intended, you’ll see why). Needless to mention, Sarah is confused.

So, there’s Cosima, the brainy scientist



…and Alison, the alchocolic soccer mom.


Together they form, what we, the fans, like to call the “Clone club”. Sarah is still confused.



…Oh, let’s not forget Helena, the psychotic bitch (also a clone) who tries to eliminate them one by one, throughout the entire first season. It’s kinda fun, actually.




..Felix, Sarah’s old childhood friend and a total glam diva, is the first one Sarah tells the whole thing to. Needless to say, he was so not ready for this shit.

2961189_orig (1)

…And then there’s Paul, Beth’s boyfriend,ex military and kind of – sort of a baddie.

Just take a look at his heavenly muscles and note that you’ll be seeing a lot of this as the show progresses. Now, let that sink in.



Have your hormones gone back to normal now? OK.

Now, for your next girl crush, here I present you Delphine, another scientist and Cosima’s love interest with a twist (since she is actually working for the bad guys? But not really?)



Um, anyways.

There’s also Shiobhan, Sarah’s foster mother (and a badass bi—), oh and did I mention that Sarah has a daughter Kira which technically, is kind of a mystery as the clones are not supposed to reproduce (another twist)? Yeah, that is exactly as crazy the show is.

Every episode is SO packed with action and new information, that just when you think that you can loosen up a little…


…another head pops right up.



In retrospect:

Season 1 is basically all about the girls fighting against one of their own (Helena, the goat whisperer) while season 2 delves into much deeper waters such a project LEDA, DYAD institute, Shiobhan’s past and more.

There’s really not a lot I can tell without giving anything away so you’ll just have to go and Netflix it yourself 😉

Oh, and apparently, there are man clones too now?



“Orphan Black” returns to our screens sometime next year and the only thing I can say about the hiatus is…

Are you a part of the clone club already? Or you’re still thinking of adding this show to your binge watching list? And how awesome is Tatiana Maslany? Drop me a comment and let’s discuss this clone business!