20’s bucket list



  1. Get a decent job in my field of expertise (oooooh fancy)
  2. Give your V-card to someone decent
  3. Get a boyfriend (tall, smart and handsome; further instructions apply)
  4. Move to Amurrrica
  5. Get a cozy little loft downtown;
  6. Scream out “I LOVE NEW YORK CITY” in the middle of Times Square
  7. Go to the woods for once
  8. Drink Starbucks
  9. Go to Texas
  10. be a journalist
  11. Get your own Youtube channel
  12. Stop being such a quitter
  13. Go hiking
  14. Learn 3 foreign languages (italian is a must)
  15. Have a group of friends
  16. Have one best friend that you can call at 1 AM in case of emergency and she won’t get mad for it
  17. Take a dance class. ANY dance class.
  18. Be noticed
  19. Write a book
  20. Get your own TV show and/or a move release, based on the book
  21. Write a song
  22. Start working out REGULARLY
  23. Eat healthy (-ier)
  24. Sleep with a woman
  25. Wear an evening gown to a fancy event (further instructions apply)
  26. Take this blogging thing to a whole new level (meaning, buy a domain name already)
  27. Get drunk once   and NEVER do that again
  28. Visit Italy
  29. Go to Greece and Spain, too
  30. Smoke one cigarette (or at least try it so you’d know you hate it and could move on)
  31. Meet your international Facebook friends
  32. Organize at least one majorly successful event
  33. Go to a movie premiere
  34. Overcome your fear of dogs
  35. Overcome your fear of heights (since when do I even have the fear of heights!?)
  36. Make your own jewelery and/or clothing collection
  37. Go to a high profile fashion show
  38. Go to your class reunion
  39. Wear more dresses and skirts (I mean it)
  40. Meet my idols
  41. Get one, true, inspirational advice from a stranger
  42. Start celebrating birthdays already!!
  43. Get in touch with the people who you used to be friends with
  44. Watch “The Ellen Show” and/or Jimmy Kimmel LIVE
  45. Continue standing up for your views
  46. Be more organized
  47. Get a sewing machine (?)
  48. Be on a radio show
  49. Dye your hair an exotic color (preferrably blue or turquouise)
  50. Have children (the amount is yet to be discussed)
  51. Be famous
  52. Live

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